An introduction to magick and spells online!

Welcome to an exciting introduction of magick and spells. No matter how you came to this site, or the knowledge you already posess, you will soon find out there are hidden powers amongst us and you can take advantage of them. Keep reading!

What is magick?

An easy way to explain it is this: Magick is an universal force that can reach us all from any parts of the universe. Magick is also something within us. Our brains are very powerful and also receptive of this massive force. In the realm of magick most uses spells. A spell is mostly used to change a situation to the better. In some situations in life you might feel helpless or you have no other option at hand. Then spells are something to use. Many also see spells as their first option as it's so easy and comfortable way to get "easy" results.

Can I get any wish fulfilled with spells?
Well it's not that easy. Anyone can cast a spell (perform the ritual) but casting it successfully with good results takes years of practice and some talent. Some persons are even blessed genetically with excellent skills in casting powerful spells. Are you one of them? Go here and get some free spells.

Magick is an ART and not science. This means that every casting and every situation is unique. If you go to a professional spell caster (we have a list of some on the site), they will have an idea of how long it normally take with their spells. One thing you have to understand is that there are NO INSTANT SPELLS. That you can find on TV.


Does magick work for every case and for everyone?
As it's an art you will notice that some spell casters can't help you. The reason can be something that is similar to body chemistry. You are simply not open to receive the powers/energy that spell caster offers. This is impossible to know without casting a spell. Other thing can be that your aura (An emanation of energy which surrounds all living things. Many with psychic abilities are able to see and interpret this energy. Can be viewed through the use of Kirlian photography.) is not letting the spell through. That can be dealt with by letting a psychic do "Aura Cleansing". As there are many types of magick spells (Black, white, voodoo etc), You can try another type of magick if the first failed. If you buy the service of a spell caster, be sure they offer money back. That will make it cheaper in the end for you to find a working spell caster / magick type. Most spell casters offer money back if the spell would not help you.

How does magick work in general?
Most spells are cast to change a situation. Love, money, career, luck, revenge, protection and more. The spellcaster will do a ritual according to the type of magick and the technique used. Most spell casters use their one special ways. Most casters will need you to perform an ceremony of some sort. The reason is in general to empower the cast spell. Some will want you to carry a talisman of some sort.

What timeframe for success can I expect?
Timeframe for success differs and also the "quality" of the result. The spells are cast most times to affect emotions (love, sex. revenge), draw positive energy (for luck and win lottery jackpot), change the course of time, make things undone (as stop a divorce) and even change appearance (bigger penis, breasts, change eye color, hair, skin, etc). As every casting and situation are unique you need to ask the spell caster who will cast your spell.

Can I cast spells on my own?
Yes you can get some spells and go and learn more about casting here. Note that learning can take years and don't expect results fast. If you looking for results "NOW", you should consider purchasing spell casting service.

How can I find a spell caster that is right for me?
Finding the right spell caster can take some tries. A survey we made with persons who used spells last year 85% said they got result with the first spell caster they chose to use. That is good.

For a spell to work, do I have to be in a specific religion?
No you don't. The results of a spell is not religion based. Any one from any religion can use spells.

Book of shadows
The Book of Shadows
is a traditional book of Wicca, containing the core rituals, practices, and wisdom of a Wiccan tradition. It is copied by hand from that of one's initiator (High Priestess or Priest), who copied it from his or her initiator. The traditional material it contains may not be changed; sometimes additions are allowed. Some of the Wicca keep a personal Book of Shadows in addition to that of their tradition. This is typically for individual use and is not always passed on to one's initiates.

Learn about the most used magick!

When searching for spells and spell casters, you will encounter different types of magick. Below is a short introduction of the most common ones. Also you will find common terms and words.

Voodoo Spells

Voodoo (Vodun or Vudun in Benin and Togo; also Vodou in Haiti; Vodon, Voudoun, Voudou, or other phonetically equivalent spellings) is a transliteration from the Fon language, from the word meaning Gods or Spirit. Those who practice voodoo do not worship or invoke the blessings of a devil. Most known is Haitian Voodoo. Voodoo is very powerful and a strong practitian can solve most situations with voodoo magic spells.

White magick
White magick is use by most casters online. It's considered as the "nice" magick and the healing and good. Egyptian white magick and Wicca white magick are the most common.

Black Magick
Considered as more powerful than white magick. Harder to use and practice. Not for a novices! If you had no luck with white magick then you should consider black magic. Black magic is known to be harmful but it's not the magick itself but the casters intentions (or yours if you buy their service) with the spell that can be harmful.

Common magick terms and words

  • Pentagram - The Pentagram has magical associations, and many people who practice pagan faiths wear them.The pentagram has long been associated with the planet Venus, and the worship of the goddess Venus, or her equivalent. It is also associated with the Roman Lucifer, who was Venus as the Morning Star, the bringer of light and knowledge. Many Neopagans, especially Wiccans, use the pentagram as a symbol of faith similar to the Christian cross or the Jewish Star of David.
  • Wicca - A pagan pre-Christianity religion where magick is central.
  • Witchcraft - In various historical, religious and mythical contexts, is the use of certain kinds of alleged supernatural or magical powers.
  • Pagan - Is the usual translation of the Islamic term mushrik, which refers to 'one who worships something other than The God of Abraham'.
  • Spellcasting - Probably the most obvious characteristic of a witch is their ability to cast spells. To some witches, spells are viewed as a form of prayer. Spells can be cast by many methods, including meditation, burning of candles, chanting or reciting incantations, performing physical rituals and making herbal, oil or incense preparations.
  • Incense - is a preparation of aromatic plant matter, often with the addition of essential oils extracted from plant or animal sources, intended to release fragrant smoke for religious, therapeutic, or aesthetic purposes as it smolders.
  • Candle ceremony - Many practitioners of magick will ask you to perform a candle ceremony to empower the spell they cast. It's advised to perform it if the spell caster see it needed to be able to promise full success.
  • Psychic - A psychic is a person who possess extra-sensory abilities, including: clairvoyance, psychometry and precognition.
  • Medium - Mediums, like psychics, also have extra-sensory abilities but obtain their information through spirits or dead people. Some mediums also possess psychic abilities.
  • Tarot - Tarot cards are usually seen either as a means of divination or as a psychological tool for accessing the unconscious. Most psychics offer tarot readings to help you see whats to come in life.

Cast a spell or buy spell caster service?!

Cast a spell yourself
Casting spells on your own takes lots of practice and a big amount of concentration. The first you need to do is to get some guidance on how to cast a spell. A good start can be found here. Another good way to get going is to contact someone who have cast successful spells and can teach you. There are forums on the Internet for that. You can find many free spells and use them. It can be hard for a novice to get results amd be careful as if you do mistakes the spell might backfire!

Free spells service
You can have free spells cast! These spells are not as powerful as one that you buy, but it is a good option.

Purchase a spell casting service
This is the best option for anyone who needs help now and wants fast accurate success. When deciding to buy a spell you need to gather your mind and write down what you wish for. It's very important you provide as much information you can to the spell caster so she/he can give you the result you had in mind. The spell caster will in most cases ask for: Full names and birth dates. If you order a love spell such as "get my lover back spell", then the information of the other party is also required by most spellcasters.

Checklist before buying

  • Find some reference to the casters results
  • Does the caster seem to care about clients or more focused on making other casters seem bad
  • Will you have a money back guarantee if the spell wont come to use
  • Can the caster offer custom spells for complex situations
Remember that if you have a complex situation, be aware the fees to solve it are higher than "normal" situations.

Get started - find a spell caster!

To help you get going we have listed some good casters. This is not a review of spell casters, simply some information to help you on your way. Remember that if one caster can't help you then the reason is most likely one of the following: *you need Aura cleansing, *You or the other part are immune to that type of magick *the spell caster's "body chemistry" was not compatible *The spell caster cast a weak spell *The spell caster lacks the power to help you. Below is only sites that have good results in general!

White Magick
Magic Love spells - Love spells to Weight loss spells. If your budget is tight, then this site is for you!
Love Spells - A unique set of Love spells. A real professional!
Powerful Love spells- Unbelievacle powers as they are 8 casters casting your spells!
Wiccan love spells - Any spells you could need. Great results!

Black Magic
Black magic spells - Powerful black magic spell. Perfect to use if you had no results with white magick!

Voodoo Magick
Voodoo Love Spells - Powerful voodoo spells for love, money & revenge

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